My passion is books and reading and I want to help others to improve their life (identity, wealth, entrepreneurship, time management, productivity and even spirituality through the right books, those that teach you and that can lead to empowerment, discovery and change in life). I want to share my own search and growth with them.



Most busy moms who love to read struggle to find time and energy to organize their life conciliating it with Reading time and finding books they like.

I help them by giving them time management, productivity and organization solutions and good books for them and their children so that they are fulfilled reader and communicate the love of books to their children.



My name is Ana Tarouca. I’m a wife, a mother of three, an avid reader, a librarian, and I’m portuguese. And I’m also a book blogger.

This project is a big test for me.

I’ve been blogging for ten years.  I’ve two blogs in portuguese, about children’s and adult literature. Now, call me crazy, I’ve decided on a bigger and more serious blog, demanding more writing and more commitment, with an added difficulty: I’m not writing in my native language. Yet, most of the books and blogs I read are in english. Even for my profession, I’m always needing foreign documents, usually in english. So this is a challenge I’m willing to take.

Books have always been an important part of my life.

When I was two years old my favorite “toys” were already profusely illustrated children books, and by twelve I was already a bookworm.  I graduated in Portuguese and English Culture and Literature. Some years later I took a postgraduate degree in Library and Information Science.

For fifteen years I have been working as a librarian in a portuguese NGO dedicated to the defense of children’s rights. I am surrounded by books at any time in the day! 😊 And I want to keep it that way!

My oldest daughter, who is now seventeen is her mother’s daughter, alright, and a voracious reader too. She will write about books on this blog, one of these days. 😊 (Proud mom here, of all three of her babies)



Illustration by David Christiana.

The mission of  this dog…

Why “The dog who ate the book”? I love dogs and I love books. They both feel like home. My she-dog is a black labrador and the most adorable girl. She never ate or even chewed a book in her life. She destroyed a palm tree though.

My mission is to help people organize their books and reading life. To find new books that they will like or their children will love. I want to show how books can bring joy and happiness. 😊